Thermo Siphon Compact Kit

It is ideal for houses with up to 5 people and low water consumption. Transsen Thermo siphon compact kit is composed by 200 liters closed thermal tank made of stainless steel, Itapuã V 1.7 collector, all tubes made of copper and with a support for the roof and slab.

Technological Differential

  • Collector with rating A by  Certification Agency National Institute of Metrology, Standardization and Industrial Quality) standards.
  • A- rated Collector.
  • Collector with Procel (National Program of Electric Energy Conservation) certification.
  • All tubes made of copper.
  • Metal support made of carbon steel.
  • External cover made of glass fiber.
  • The only one in Brazil with level float for hot water consumption.


  • Suitable for pre-built houses with low water consumption.


5 years.