Flat Plate Collectors

Patented technologies to assure safety, quality and a hot shower.

The flat plate collector is the responsible for the solar energy absorption, conversion in thermal energy and, finally, water heating. All Transsen equipment (thermal tanks and collectors) are 100% tested and approved in labs through hydrostatic tests and quality inspections, assuring more safety to customers. In addition, Transsen works with high quality raw materials and provides the following differentials in its flat plate collectors line:

  • Ultra Contact exclusive technology which allows higher heat absorption by the plate.
  • Optional Ultraflex. Transsen innovation that provides total protection against water freezing inside the collector.
  • “Vent-Plug” ventilation system that avoids the water condensation inside the box, increasing the useful life of the product and improving the efficiency of the collector.
  • Aluminium fins manufactured with special metals of high thermal conductivity.
  • Tempered glass attested by Transsen quality standards
  • All products attested and approved by  Certification Agency (National Institute of Metrology, Standardization and Industrial Quality) standards.
  • Products with European quality standard.