Many features define Magnum line as the best alternative for customers who value customized projects. Its design is inspired in European collectors and its technology is supported by Transsen’s services and complete structure of intelligence.


  • Developed to meet modern architecture projects coherently with a high energy efficiency solution.
  • Electrostatic painting that protects the product against corrosion and also brings a modern look to the solar collectors.
  • Customized finishing.
  • Profile with a new design and larger thickness.

Technological differential

  • High energy production: 172,6 kWh/month.
  • Exclusive UltraContact technology which allows a higher heat absorption by the plate.
  • Tempered glass included – customized by Transsen.
  • Ultraflex Optional – anti-freezing protection.
  • Triple thermal insulation.
  • Vent-Plug ventilation system.
  • Rating A by Certification Agency (National Institute of Metrology, Standardization and Industrial Quality) standards.
  • Procel (National Program of Electric Energy Conservation) certification.


  • Houses with modern architectural projects.
  • Large-scale projects.
  • Bathing application with restricted area for solar heating system installations.


5 years.