Besides offering the best design of the market, Absoluto Digital Temperature Controller provides customized solutions to meet different consumers’ needs in solar heating. Its modern system with touch screen function allows programming several operations easily and quickly, turning the temperature water control for bathing or pool very practical and generating even more savings, comfort and tranquility to the consumer.

Absoluto Digital Temperature Controller is modern and can be installed wherever you want, as it is compatible to conventional sockets. Its sophisticated finishing matches different places of your home and its practical installation provides total versatility to the product.

Technological Differentials

• Easy to program and operate – up to 98 programmable events timer per week to meet specific consumers’ needs regarding the circulation pump, back-up system or recirculation loop pump;

• Best design of the category – modern, elegant, discrete;

• Easy to install – fits any conventional socket;

• Practical to adjust the temperature;

• Touch screen function;

• Antifreezing protection – digital;

• Protection against overheating – digital;

• Automatic Bivolt;

• Sensors – up to 200m extension;

• Digital clock;

• Protection against electromagnetic interferences – CE seal (“Conformité Européenne”), European safety certificate;

• Facility – possibility to make tests in the pump and back-up system with a single touch;

• Protection against blackouts – it presents a battery that provides the clock synchronism even if there is a blackout;

• Smart control of pumps and back-up system, do not allowing actuation or disconnection when there are tension falls;

• Safety Mode:

– Display blocking with password, avoiding unintentionally program changes;

– In case of unplanned program changes, possibility to reset to the initial configuration at any time

• Warranty: 12 months

Electronic temperature controller which works with only one programming mode.

Technological difference

  • Digital timer.
  • Anti-freezing option for solar collectors.
  • Temperature adjustment option.
  • Automatic Bivolt.
  • Protection against electromagnetic interference.
  • Sensors with extension autonomy of up 200 meters.
  • Autonomy to turn on the hydraulic pumps up to 1/6 of CV in 220v not requiring extra devices.


Turns on the hydraulic pump of water circulation in the solar collectors, both for bath and swimming pool..